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Hiring a reliable, professional, affordable tree service company in Southfield, MI is possible! Farmington Tree Removal offers professional arborists, state-of-the-art equipment, and years of experience. Our tree services in Southfield, MI, include tree removal tree, pruning, stump grinding, lot clearing, tree cutting, tree maintenance, and emergency tree services. So if you want to increase tree health and improve curb appeal in both your front yard and back yard, we are the tree company you need. When you hire us, you can be sure you will have an entire professional team of certified arborists working hard always to do a great job. From the first call, you will know we are the professional tree service your property needs. Whether you need clean-up assistance or to make your trees healthier and more beautiful, we are here for you! Don't let overgrown branches become a danger to your property; call a professional arborist.

A man removing a tree
Tree removal services

We are the best tree removal company for removing trees, dying trees, and tree limbs. Get rid of that fallen tree, dead tree, or dying tree!

land clearing service
Landscaping services

The perfect lawn services if you want to remove dead trees and large branches and plant new living things according to your tastes.

tree trunk removal
Stump removal services

The perfect service for those stubborn root systems and disease-prone stumps after a large tree removed. Keep your property safe and clean!

A Southfield tree care service you can always count on!

Our professional tree trimming service and tree care service is perfect for you if you want to help your plants look and grow healthier. Our expert tree service has many years of experience, which means we know how to deal with any dangerous or unsightly tree on your property. As mentioned before, we not only remove trees and stumps, so if you want to plant a luxurious tree, a qualified arborist from our team can do excellent work. We are the tree service you deserve to meet your specific needs and have the yard of your dreams, always at a good price. Remember, we trim trees and offer our tree removal service all year round. Keep your power lines safe, protect your property from potential hazards, and keep your trees beautiful and healthy with our full service in the Southfield area! Give us a call any time if you want a free estimate or need more information about our tree removal costs.

Hire a certified arborist for a reasonable price

Do you want more information about our services? Call us today! Our representatives are available 24 hours daily to answer your call and give free estimates. Don't forget that our service extends to Southfield and its surrounding area. We service cities like Madison Heights, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, and Farmington Hills, MI. If you want to rest assured that your yard is well-maintained, you are in the right place! And you can be sure you will have all the details of what we do in your yard before the job is done. We offer the best service at a fair price. Call now for a free quote or free consultation.

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